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Cross Cultural Training

Cross cultural training has quickly become recognized as one of the most powerful tools for ensuring the new comer has a swift transition into Vietnam and continued success on their assignment. The benefits of Cross Cultural training at the start of the assignment can have exponentially positive effects for the long term both in work and life in Vietnam.

Our Cross Cultural Training will:

  • Teach new language skills and expand perceptual and interpretational skills
  • Provoke self-introspection and understanding of coping skills and strategies
  • Develop flexibility in behavioral skills
  • Compare and contrast cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes and how they impact behavior
  • Provide information and knowledge about the Vietnamese culture
  • Explain common Vietnamese business practices and how they differ from other countries

The learning curve when moving to a new country can be a long, sometimes painful process that can significantly affect one’s success at work and happiness at home.  Our training helps avoid common mistakes and helps develop greater understanding and increased effectiveness with Vietnamese staff. Our training focuses specifically on those areas of work and life where cultural misunderstandings can potentially create challenges.

Presented by our multicultural consultant who has extensive experience both living in Vietnam and abroad, each training is tailor-made to each individual’s needs. Participants will learn the most important points about Vietnamese culture, people, values, daily life and business conduct in Vietnam.

Trainings can be done at the workplace, organized at an offsite location and is available for individuals and groups.

Vietnam at a glance

It is considered impolite and somewhat unclean in Vietnam to wear shoes or sandals inside of a house or apartment! Traditional Vietnamese culture requires that shoes and sandals be taken off before entering a residence so be sure to make sure your socks are in good shape!