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Post Move


Moving into a new area is both exciting and daunting. Our comprehensive program combines practical information and a wealth of resource/reference material to help individuals and their families settle in as quickly and comfortably as possible. An in-depth orientation tour with our foreign consultant will familiarize them with the community, culture, recreational facilities, health care services, food shopping and any other places specific to their individual interests.

Spousal Support:

Partner unhappiness is one of the major causes of assignment failure. Moving to a new country can be a difficult time for the accompanying partner who may have quit a job at home and lost connection with his or her social network.

Resident Vietnam works with HR specialists and consultants to make assignments more attractive to those who are concerned about the impact on their partner’s career and well-being.

Our program includes:

  • Networking Information
  • Resume Analysis
  • Work Permit and Labor Law Consultation
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Job Market Information
  • Alternatives to Employment (expat groups, charity organizations)

Tenancy Management:

Designed to enable companies to offload the administrative burdens of resolving issues associated with their employees’ tenancies in the host country. Companies retain full financial and operating control without having to dedicate precious internal resources.

Services include:

  • Facilitation of Reoccurring Bill Payments
  • Receipt Collection and Submission to Home Office
  • Management of Housing Maintenance and Services
  • Point Of Contact with Landlord and Suppliers
  • Ongoing Assignee Support from the Resident Vietnam Team

Our Tenancy Management Program enables HR and the assignee to spend their time focusing on more pressing matters rather than time consuming details and issues that can sometimes come with living in Vietnam.


“The consultant who was assigned to me understood my needs and made things easier to look for my residence. Her local knowledge was amazing. Definitely made me feel at home.” -