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Immigration Services Management

Resident Vietnam provides a full scope of Immigration solutions to help get individuals and their families to Vietnam on time and in full compliance with local immigration law and foreign labor regulations. Our Immigration team provides consulting and advisory services to help manage the entire immigration process in the smoothest and fastest manner possible. Our team is highly experienced in working successfully with sometimes difficult or unclear government requirements. We are constantly on the look out for changes within immigration law and how they effect our client’s operations. Immigration Services include:

  • Entry Visa (including special entry approval in COVID-19 context)
  • Work Permit
  • Temporary Resident Card
  • Driver’s License Conversion
  • Document Notarization and Legalisation

We also offer VIP assistance available for assignees such as Visa on Arrival (when applicable). Rather than wait on line, VIP’s are met immediately once they come off the plan and are handled personally by a facilitator. This helps to greatly to speed the process and get the assignee out of the airport with minimal hassle or delay.

Global Network

For the past 17 years, we have developed a large global network and have selected the most reliable partners to assist our clients with document notarization and legalization worldwide. Our immigration team reach extends far beyond Vietnam and allows us to efficiently work with assignees no matter where they are coming from in the world.

e-Xpat” Immigration Management Portal

Developed in-house by Resident Vietnam, e-Xpat is a powerful, time saving tool for Human Resource Departments offering secure, online access to their foreign employees’ immigration documents. It is a centralized resource for easy follow up of cases in process by our Immigration team and features automatic email reminders to HR teams to easily recall expiry dates of employees’ passport, business visas, work permit and more. Click here to watch a demo!

Transparent Pricing Policy and Adherence to International Law

All cases are first studied by our experts and quoted based on requirements and complexity before initiating the work. There are no hidden fees or surprises as you are aware of the costs from the start. Resident Vietnam strictly follows international law on corruption and bribery so our clients can be assured that all procedures are straight forward and in-line with corporate best practices.

Immigration Alert

Immigration laws are constantly changing and it is more important than ever to be as informed as possible. Missing changes within immigration law can sometimes cause serious delays and headaches for companies. We publish regular alerts and newsletters on major changes in Vietnam Immigration and labor law that might impact foreign national employees. For a free subscription to our newsletter, click here.


You and your team are the best! Thank you so much for your quick response and wonderful insights, this is exactly what we needed to understand the process more clearly.
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