10 April 2017

The draft circular introduces guidelines on the implementation of the electronic submission of work permit application documents. Furthermore, a training session on this topic was recently organized by the department of labor in Hanoi. Here is what you need to know:

Draft Circular in Effect: 1st Jan 2017 – 30 Jun 2017: [This is the testing phase at provincial level] There is currently very little consistency for online portals in Vietnam. While the department of labor in Hanoi, offers companies the option to submit new work permit, work permit renewal, job position approval and work permit exemption certificate application online starting April 1st, in cities like HCMC, there is no requirement or any testing yet of any online system. Other provinces such as Vung Tau have developed their own portal for the e-submission but it seems that the nationwide portal introduced in the draft circular will supersede any other portal in a near future.  Currently the e-submission of work permit and other applications is compulsory for some processes and optional for others and depends on each province. However, as per draft circular, online application shall be mandatory for all provinces from 1 July 2017 and is expected to be done through a unique nationwide MOLISA portal.

All documents need to be converted into soft copy and uploaded to the portal. According to authorities, this is expected to shorten processing time as below:

-          10 vs 15 working days for Job Position Approval

-          5 vs 7 working days for New Work Permit

-          3 working days for Work Permit renewal and Work Permit Exemption certificate.

1.       Pre-approval for work permit, work permit re-issuance, work permit exemption certificate and job position approval shall be granted based on the documents submitted online. Original documents and photos will be required only at the last stage of issuance of work permit or work permit exemption certificate.  Officers will then compare hard copies with previously submitted soft copies.

2.       Beyond the upload of documents, the portal will enable the user to check progress and inform the portal users of any problems or issues that occur during the application review.

3.      Companies shall apply for an account online and may install their own e-signature (currently optional) to authenticate the user when uploading a new application. An application that is not submitted with e-signature is expected to take more time for the department of labor to review.

4.       Note that online services for the Vietnam labor authorities is very much in a testing/pilot phase and reliability, functionality and overall security is still developing or awaiting clarification.  We will expect many improvements and changes prior to the official launch date of July 1st 2017 and will keep clients updated at each step.


Should you have any question or would like to know more about this service, please contact your immigration coordinator at Resident Vietnam.


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