One year Vietnam visa granted to US Nationals

15 September 2016

Further to the approval by the National assembly of Vietnam in April this year on the issuance of one year visa for US Nationals, Vietnam began to implement the new measure on August 28 and has issued one year multiple entry visa to all US nationals coming for tourism or business purposes.

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What is important to note from this new regulations? :

  1. US Nationals applying for Vietnam visa for tourism or business purpose will automatically be granted a one year multiple entry visa.
  2. The options of 1 month and 3 months single or multiple entry visa are discontinued.
  3. The government fee for 12 months visa is US$135 vs US$45 for a 1 month single entry visa
  4. Maximum duration of stay for each entry to Vietnam remains 90 days for Business purposes

While the extended duration to 12 months is, practically and costly speaking, good news for regular US nationality travelers to Vietnam, we would like our clients to pay a particular attention to the increasing cost that this regulation has on short term business travelers who are not expected to come more than one time in a year.

Should you have any question or would like to know more about this service, please contact your immigration coordinator at Resident Vietnam.


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