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Resident Vietnam Data privacy Policy


Resident Vietnam is committed to protecting the privacy of all users of our services. Please review this privacy policy to understand the steps Resident Vietnam has taken to secure your personal information. It describes the types of personal information we collect, how we may use that information and with whom we share it.


We also tell you how you can reach us to answer any questions you may have about our data privacy practices.



Information collected by Resident Vietnam collect and how do we use it


Personal Information collected through “Contact Us” link of our website.


If you email us through the “Contact Us” link on resident Vietnam website, you may choose to provide personal information to us such as your name, email address, resume or CV. You may choose to provide additional information as well. We use the information you provide to respond to and communicate with you about your questions and comments.


Personal Information we collect through or add into our Immigration Management portal


Resident Vietnam collects personal and contact information for several reasons. We provide updates on issuance / expiry dates of personal documents to registered users. Due to the nature of Immigration, information may be of personal nature. Personal data collected is used on your behalf by Resident Vietnam’s staff only to prepare and submit applications and supporting documents to government agencies for the purpose of obtaining the appropriate document required by our clients and for your foreign employee’s benefits. All Resident Vietnam accounts are kept separate from one another and require secure authentication to access personal information.


Resident Vietnam has designed its website to ensure the privacy of your personal information.


As a services provider, we will submit required information, applications, and other documents to the relevant government agencies. Forms and documents related to your case will be completed using the information you have provided through our portal or by email.



How we protect personal information


We maintain appropriate administrative, technical and physical safeguards to protect against loss, misuse or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction of personal information.


Resident Vietnam’s staff is very sensitive to and respectful of your right to privacy and confidentiality and is committed to the privacy policy implemented by Resident Vietnam. None of your personal information will be shared to third party except to the extent needed to provide immigration services as requested. However, data may be shared with subcontractors and government entities but only in so far as to provide the required immigration service’s requested. Under no other circumstances does Resident Vietnam staff provide personal information to third parties for any other purposes.



How to Contact Us


If you have any questions related to data privacy, please contact us by email at

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