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Why Relocation Services

The main HR concern when sending employees on assignment is to make sure they are settled quickly and happily so that their assignment can be a successful return on investment for their company. Delays, improperly negotiated leases, unhappy assignee families, all can add up to a significant waste of time, money and energy. Our experts help ensure these issues are avoided and the burden on the company and its HR department is minimal. In a worst case scenario, assignment failure can result which not only has a significant financial impact but may also damage the company’s image and local business relationships. If handled carefully from the start by our knowledgeable team, these issues can be avoided and life in Vietnam can be quite enjoyable for expatriates. We work on behalf of your company and your assignee to:

  • Alleviate main concerns and burdens that may occur during the relocation process. Your employee can focus on work while family members get connected to the new community.
  • Respond quickly to your assignee’s concerns and provide all necessary information and keys to help them adapt, understand and settle in to their new environment.
  • Facilitate the move process and management of your expatriates, we become a seamless extension of your HR team and your company's policies.
  • Maximize the chances for a successful assignment and therefore save money and time for your company.

Watch the interview "Relocating to Vietnam - On the ground with Cartus". Donn Garton and Laurent Quistrebert of Resident Vietnam discuss a number of issues that are important for your Vietnam-bound employees.


“Very much proactive. They completed all requirements timely & without any rework. Good to have a partner like Resident Vietnam”