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Destination Services

Area Orientation


Designed to help assignees and their families quickly get the key information they need to know about relocating to Vietnam. Accompanied by one of our foreign consultants who have experience living in Vietnam as an expat, assignees will tour the various areas of the city and are given an overview of housing, schooling and lifestyle options. New comers have all their questions answered and are provided with in-depth materials to better understand what it is like to live and work in Vietnam so they can make informed decisions.


HomeSearch & Temporary Accommodation


This is certainly the most important and time-consuming part in the relocation process. Our relocation team manages the whole process including client’s needs analysis, short-list of potential properties through a variety of our preferred real estate agents, accompanied visits, advice on common local practices and negotiating the lease terms & conditions. Resident Vietnam does not take a commission from real estate agents or landlords and works completely independently in order to avoid any conflict of interest. We are completely on the side of the assignee and their company to make sure they get the best house at the best price with the best terms.


Kindergarten & SchoolSearch


Our relocation coordinator team and our foreign consultant will advise on available options based on the assignee’s needs and will then coordinate directly with school administrators to arrange tours, meetings and collection of all necessary admission information. We help assure assignees have complete confidence that their children are placed in the best, most appropriate school.




Moving into a new area is both exciting and daunting. Our comprehensive program combines practical information and a wealth of resource/reference material to help individuals and their families settle in as quickly and comfortably as possible. An in-depth orientation tour with our foreign consultant will familiarize them with the community, culture, recreational facilities, health care services, food shopping and any other places specific to their individual interests.


Tenancy & Expenses Management


Designed to enable companies to offload the administrative burdens of resolving issues associated with their employees’ tenancies in the host country. Companies retain full financial and operating control without having to dedicate precious internal resources and time.


Our service includes:

• Facilitation of Reoccurring Utility Bill Payments

• Receipt Collection and Submission to Home Office

• Management of Housing Maintenance and Services

• Point Of Contact with Landlord and Suppliers

• Ongoing Assignee Support from the Resident Vietnam Team


Spousal Support


Partner unhappiness is one of the major causes of assignment failure. Moving to a new country can be a difficult time for the accompanying partner who may have quit a job at home and lost connection with his or her social network.

Resident Vietnam works with HR specialists and consultants to make assignments more attractive to those who are concerned about the impact on their partner’s career and well-being.


Our program includes:

• Networking Information

• Resume Analysis

• Work Permit and Labor Law Consultation

• Interviewing Techniques

• Job Market Information

• Alternatives to Employment (expat groups, charity organizations)


Cross Cultural Training


Cross cultural training is recognized as one of the most powerful tools for ensuring the new comer has a swift transition into Vietnam and continued success on their assignment. The benefits of Cross Cultural training at the start of the assignment can have exponentially positive effects for the long term both in work and life in Vietnam.

The learning curve when moving to a new country can be a long, sometimes painful process that can significantly affect one’s success at work and happiness at home.  Our training helps avoid common mistakes and helps develop greater understanding and increased effectiveness with Vietnamese staff and focuses specifically on those areas of work and life where cultural misunderstandings can potentially create challenges.

Presented by our multicultural consultant who has extensive experience both living in Vietnam and abroad, each training is tailor-made to each individual or company’s needs. Participants will learn the most important points about Vietnamese culture, people, values, daily life and business conduct in Vietnam.

Trainings can be done at the workplace, organized at an offsite location and is available for individuals and groups.




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