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Social distancing rules

Hanoi relaxes social distancing rules after 2 months of strict lockdown

The social distancing rules in Hanoi have been relaxed from today September 21. 


From Directive 16 to Directive 15 Hanoi as well as HCMC have been under strict social distancing (directive 16) respectively for about 2 and 4 months. While the situation remains complicated in HCMC, Hanoi has seen its number of positive COVID-19 cases drop significantly over the past weeks. Also Hanoi’s People committee announced last night that the city will ease the current restrictions of movement and allow businesses to reopen following directive 15.

  • What is applicable in Hanoi from today, Sept 21?

• No more travel-permit is required to commute throughout the city. However COVID-19 checkpoint at Hanoi gateway remains in place and declaration and quarantine requirements still apply to those entering the city from areas under strict social distancing whether they have been vaccinated or not.

• Shopping malls, barbershops, repair shops for vehicles and electric appliances, stores selling clothes, books and office supply, online stores and delivery can resume operations.

  •  • Companies can also resume operation but with 50% of staff capacity at the office only and 50% at home.
  •  • Labor department and Immigration department are opened and are expected to resume operations as normal.
  •  • Embassies/consular services will resume operation.
  • However some restrictions still apply in Hanoi, following directive 15:
  • • Restaurants are allowed to offer take away and delivery only.
  • • Public transportation services including buses and taxis, except for special cases, remain suspended.
  • • No gathering of more than 10 people would be allowed outside of offices, schools and hospitals.
  • • Gatherings and conferences and with more than 20 people in the same room are banned
  • • Covid-19 checkpoints at Hanoi’s gateways would remain in place and people entering the city from areas still under strict social distancing order will need authorities approval

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